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Online Cake Course
  • Do you love raw desserts but you or your loved ones have a nut allergy?

  • Are you sick of paying premium prices for nuts?

  • Do you receive requests from your clients or customers for nut-free cakes?

  • Are you frustrated with trying nut-free options but not getting the results you want?

  • Or you just want to learn new techniques for raw cakes?

Why Nut Free?

It's been a passion project of mine since I needed a challenge in the kitchen and I was inspired by so many requests for nut-free cakes. I also want to break the stigma that raw desserts have to be full of nuts.
Nuts in their raw digestible form are not bad, they are full of nutrition but get heavy if you're eating them in a dish frequently and nut allergies are very common. I want to make raw cakes accessible to everyone. 

This course will guide you through three specific techniques that can be applied to almost all raw cakes. Once you know the base of these three techniques there are no limitations of the recipes you will create. 

Not just for nut-free raw cake enthusiasts but for anyone who is interested in learning raw cakes. The information provided in this course will teach you all about raw cake ingredients and more. 

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Introducing the BRAND NEW
Raw Cake Course

In this online course
you will:
  • Discover techniques using nut-free ingredients to create different textures of raw cakes.

  • Acquire the knowledge of raw culinary ingredients to create your own recipes.

  • Work with different raw, sprouted nut-free flours and learn how they’re used in raw crusts.

  • Discover how to choose the right sweetener for raw cakes.

  • Learn the foundations to ensure your success in executing the recipes.

  • Achieve that perfect slice of cake every time.

  • Plate and decorate beautiful cakes and desserts to wow your friends and family.

  • Create art on a plate using professional plating techniques.

  • Discover professional piping techniques for cakes and pastry.

  • Gain the confidence to modify recipes.

What's Inside the Nut-Free Raw Cake Course?

Curriculum Overview
20 high-quality tutorial videos & 52 lessons

Module 1: Introduction
Welcome and Introduction

Introduction Video

Course Instructions


Meet Your Instructor 

Module 2: Lists to Help You Get Started
Shopping List

Substitution List 

Equipment and Tool List

Module 3: Culinary Ingredients
Binders and Emulsifiers


Flavor Extracts 

Nut-Free Flours 

Module 4: Foundations For Success
How to Measure Ingredients for Recipes

Double Boiler Method

Guide to Cutting Your Desserts & Cakes

Module 5: Recipe Preparation
Coconut Milk

Sprouted Oat Flour 

Powdering Sugars 

Opening up a Young Coconut 

Module 6: Berry Hibiscus Coconut Cream Cake 

Recipe Download 

Garnish Recipe Tutorial - Video

Raw Fruit Jam - Video

Crust - Video

Coconut Cream Filling - Video

Decorating & Design - Video

How to modify This Recipe

Module 7: Orange Apricot Thyme Cheesecake

Recipe Download

Garnish Recipe Tutorial - Video

Cultured Cheesecake Filling - Video

Crust - Video

Cheesecake Layer Flavor #1 - Video

Cheesecake Layer Flavor #2 - Video

Working with Agar - Video

Decorating & Design - Video

How to Modify This Recipe

Module 8: Pear Chocolate Mousse Cake

Recipe Download

Caramelized Fruit - Video

Crust - Video 

Chocolate Mousse Filling - Video

Dark Chocolate Ganache - Video

Plating Design - Video

How to Modify This Recipe

Module 9: Bonus Nut-Free Recipes
4 Bonus nut-free recipes for your continued learning 

Module 10: Reflections
Knowledge Assessment 

Creative Project Assignment

Module 11: Congratulations
Congratulations & Next Steps

Certificate of Completion

24/7 Access Online Anywhere for Your Convenience

What Others are Saying About Crystal Dawn Culinary

“I Would Recommend Crystal's Courses to Anyone"”

Angelia Dickinson, Lifestyle Medicine Coach, Holistic Health Educator, PHD Candidateor's name

I recently started Crystal’s amazing raw chef desserts certification program. I am so amazed at the valuable information the course provides. In addition, the online platform is very user friendly, and easy to follow. I have made some of the recipes from the course, for my coworkers; they are absolutely blown away with how healthy and delectable the desserts are. Also, I am learning so much, who knew raw plant-based desserts could be healthy and tasty at the same time. I would recommend Crystals course to anyone who has a passion for plant-based foods.

"I Could Not be More Satisfied with Crystal's Online Course!"

Brian Bidwell, Online Culinary Student

"I could not be more satisfied with Crystal's online course! Every time I have had a question she has always been so responsive. This course is really the next best thing to having her in your kitchen teaching you herself. If you want to learn how to make the most beautiful, healthy and best tasting desserts out there this is the place to be. She has continued to add value to the course even after I joined by added recipes and doing Facebook lives that are super interactive. As well has polls inquiring what we would like to see added. She really is all about her students and tailors the content appropriately and is so eager to answer questions. It's such a fun and educational community she has created of people from all over the world who share a passion for raw food."

“Crystal is a Wealth of Knowledge and Support!"

Dawn Levelton, Plant-Based Culinary Nutritionist, Owner & Creator of “Back for More Bites”

“My recent coaching call with Crystal was AWESOME! I had a TON of questions about my new plant-based food product business. Crystal provided a bunch of excellent resources that were easy to find and I was able to quickly implement into my business for immediate results. She was an absolute delight to chat with and is a constant wealth of knowledge and support! I would recommend Crystal and her program to anyone who’s just starting out or wanting to up-level their culinary creativity with plants in the kitchen.”

“The Power of Raw Food”

Derek Henry, Founder, Healing the Body

As a holistic health coach and healer, I’ve always recognized the power of raw food. I had the pleasure of learning from Crystal many different techniques one can use to create nutritionally dense, beautiful, and delicious foods! Over 3 days, I was fortunate enough to experience her exceptional creations. She also made it easy to understand how to balance flavours and ingredients, so I could create my own raw food at home. If you like to learn about your food and how it benefits your health, Crystal is very knowledgeable and passionate about teaching you how the synergistic mix of ingredients can fuel your body and mind, so you not only enjoy the taste, but understand the lifelong benefits. If raw food is in your future, Crystal should be too. You won’t be disappointed.

"Crystal's Classes are Amazing"

Isabel Jabs, Co-Owner, Yoga Spirit Circle

"I learned a lot of creative recipes, became more professional and creative myself with cooking. Her clear voice and instructions made even complex recipes easy to learn. As Crystal is really passionate about plant-based food, I felt very motivated by her positive energy. She has lots of knowledge about nutrition and health benefits, which she shares during her classes."

“Crystal is Very Knowledgeable!”

Kenia Prueb, Nutrition Science Student

I met Crystal in Summer 2019 when she was working as a chef at a vegan yoga retreat in Andalusia, Spain. Crystal is super patient and expresses a lot of joy when explaining things. It’s easy to see teaching plant-based food is her passion. Crystal has and shares a lot of knowledge about vegan, raw and healthy cuisine and is good to see she has herself tried a lot of different things. We had a lot of fun and I hope to see her again one day.

“Raw Food has Always Been a Passion of Mine!”

Christina Glows, Plant-Based Health Coach

Feeding my friends and family nourishing, wholesome foods is a passion of mine. When looking online, I discovered Crystal; she was amazing in letting me design my course. I did eight full days of raw dessert and nut cheese certification with her and learned decorating techniques and even some food photography!! Crystal explained why she used certain ingredients over others in recipes and offered her recommendations for top-quality ingredients. Not only is Crystal a great teacher, but she is an open book too! I enjoyed getting to know her and her family. If you’re interested in learning more about guilt-free desserts, Crystal is a must!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the required equipment?

    You will require a high-speed blender, food processor and food dehydrator. A full list of equipment is included in the course.

  • What tools will I need to create these recipes?

    Basic baking tools including springform pans, piping bags, piping tips, cake boards, cake collar and other miscellaneous items. A full list of tools is included in the course.

  • Will I be able to source all the ingredients?

    A substitution list is provided in the course. I’m available to help you find a substitution if required.

  • Is there a deadline for completing this course?

    No, this course is self-paced with lifetime access.

  • I’m a beginner, can I still take this course?

    Absolutely! Although there are some advanced techniques, this course is designed for all levels.

  • How many recipes are in the course?

    There are three core cake recipes with a total of 15 component recipes plus 4 BONUS recipes.

  • Are there recipe videos in this course?

    Yes, I believe the best way to learn is through video. There are 20 high-quality tutorial videos included in this course. Plus 53 lessons.

  • Are these cakes designed for commercial sale?

    Although these cakes have been tested extensively, they have not been tested for commercial or retail sale. Once you learn the techniques for nut-free cake recipes, you will be able to apply them to create your own unique recipes suitable for your business.

  • Is there a money-back guarantee?

    Within seconds of registering, you receive access to this course in its entirety. While we do not provide a money-back guarantee, we accept all forms of feedback and work with students on an individual basis when problems arise in the areas of ingredient and equipment sourcing.

Hi, I'm Chef Crystal,

"With knowledge, anything is possible!"

No truer words were ever spoken, and these five words inspire and guide me to create. I am an International raw food chef, instructor, and cookbook author.

As a graduate of the plant-based and raw food nutrition programs at Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy and Pure Joy Academy, I have worked hard to learn the importance of the culinary aspect and nutritional elements of living foods.

My work within the plant-based culinary industry led me on many adventures, including the development of unique plant-based menus for new restaurants, designed and catered multiple health retreats and even launched my own raw chocolate and dessert business!

Through my easy-to-follow and comprehensive classes, let me share the knowledge and skills needed to incorporate healthy food alternatives into your lifestyle. You and your family will thrive, and this will be the greatest reward an educator can imagine.

Join me in creating raw desserts free from: gluten, refined-sugar, and soy. Not only will you feel better, but your family and friends will love indulging in your creations!
Crystal Bonnet

Why This Course is Right for You

A recap of just some of the benefits:


    Receive constructive feedback from your instructor on your creative project including access to the exclusive community support group


    No stress in completing the program on time, go at your own pace. Gain access to the entire program immediately after registration


    Learn the building blocks of nutritious ingredients used in nut-free raw cakes. All ingredients in this course are vegan, gluten-free and refined-sugar free


    Through the course lessons and creative assignment you will gain the confidence to modify and create your own nut-free cake recipes


    After you've completed the course, you will receive a certificate of completion issued by Crystal Dawn Culinary


    Easy to read lists of kitchen tools, ingredients and substitutions for raw cake making