• Have you ever felt guilty after eating sweets?

  • Do you suffer from gluten and dairy intolerance?

  • Are you confused about which ingredients to use in raw desserts?

  • Have you been struggling with recipe creation?

  • Do you need help creating a raw desserts menu?

  • Do you struggle with cake decorating?

Learn how to make delicious and nutritious raw desserts so you don't have to feel guilty about indulging your sweet tooth.

Meet Crystal Bonnet

International Raw Food Chef
featured in Raw Food magazine

I LOVE chocolate and desserts, but I didn't love the way I felt after eating it. When I discovered raw plant-based food and its health benefits, I dove right into creating sweets.

I trained at industry leading culinary and plant-based nutrition schools so I could create healthy chocolate and desserts high in nutrition that left me feeling energized and light.

Culinary art should be beautiful and eye-catching so I developed my dessert decorating and garnishing skills to bring raw desserts to a professional level but easy enough for anyone to do!

I started creating raw desserts at home for myself which led to creating a small farmer’s market business and then I moved on to teaching. I wanted everyone to learn these skills so you can create healthy desserts at home for yourself, family or your business.
Crystal Bonnet

Which is why I created the Raw Desserts Chef Certification Course

In this certification program you will learn how to:

  • Prepare raw, plant-based desserts like a pro

  • Make healthy desserts delicious and fun

  • Immerse yourself in plant-based culinary artistry

  • Integrate healthy, nutritious ingredients into your lifestyle

  • Set up your raw dessert kitchen with ease

  • Master cake decorating like a professional

  • Source your ingredients to save money

  • Store your creations so they last

But not only that!

Here are just a few of the benefits:


    Set up your raw desserts pantry and kitchen with organized lists.


    Learn where to source your ingredients to save costs.


    Learn the essentials of writing and developing a recipe with your creativity.


    Frost and decorate a raw cake like a professional baker.


    Easy to read lists of kitchen tools for raw dessert making with vendor links.


    Learn nutritional analysis of ingredients used in raw desserts and why we use them.

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Why Raw Desserts Chef Certification?

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Raw Desserts Chef Certification

Course Overview

To Help You Get Started

We provide you with Equipment and Tool Lists, Shopping Lists, and an Ingredient Sourcing List so you can start your course with ease! You can't source an ingredient? No problem; we provide a full substitution list!
lemon panna cotta tart

All About Your Ingredients

Learn everything you need to know about different sweeteners, culinary emulsifiers, how to choose them, nutritional benefits, glycemic values, flavor balancing and even how to store your ingredients!
bannofee pie

Prepare For The Course

We make it easy for you to get started with full prep recipes, including lessons on how to sprout, plant-based gelatin alternatives and raw sprouted gluten-free flour that looks and feels just like wheat flour!
rose hibiscus cheesecake

Create Beautiful Garnishes

Learn how to create easy, professional, and versatile garnishes you can use on any dessert! Bring your desserts up a notch by adding texture, frostings and much more!

Breakfast and Snacks

Learn foundations of fermentation including how to culture your own coconut yogurt. Make nut-free bliss bites, strawberry yogurt breakfast squares and more! Create healthy and easy snacks your whole family will enjoy!
blue majik lemon bliss bites


Learn beginner to advanced chocolate techniques that will bring your skills to the next level with over 18 lessons. Truffles will never be the same again!

Ice Cream

Learn how to make ice cream in an ice cream maker, have fun with ice cream sandwiches and even frost and decorate a healthy, beautiful ice cream cake just like a professional baker.
raw food ice cream


There are many different ways to make a raw, plant-based cheesecake and you will learn three of them; including garnishing and plating! With over 17 video lessons, you will never make a boring raw cheesecake.
Mango cheesecake


Learn how to turn traditional pies full of refined sugar, dairy and gluten into healthy alternatives everyone can enjoy without compromising flavor. Use your creativity with presentation.
Key lime pie


Learn how to use flavors from dried flowers and various setting techniques for different styles of tarts. Apply show-stopping decorating skills to each one - by this part of the course, you will be a pro!
Lavender blueberry tart


Create authentic style, beautiful, plant-based cannolis with dehydrated pastry. Learn different ways to make healthy cookies that actually taste "baked".

Gourmet Cakes

Learn different styles of piping techniques and frost a cake like a professional baker. With thirteen video tutorials and three gourmet cake recipes, you will gain the confidence to create professional cakes for your family or business.
Almond Cake

Recipe Development

Learn how to create and write recipes for personal use or your business using our step-by-step professional guidelines. Gain more confidence as a chef and business owner.
Recipe writing

Food Photography

FREE Food Photography module! Learn how to take stunning photos for your business or social media. We cover equipment, props, DSLR settings, style and composition, photo editing, shooting and editing with your phone.
recipe ebook training

Submit Your Final Project

Using skills and techniques you learned throughout the course you will get to create three raw dessert recipes and write them like a professional. You are required to execute one recipe for submission. This is a chance to really show how you've developed as a raw dessert chef!
raw food tiramisu

Bonus Resources

Bonus material related to starting your own raw desserts business such as how to create and sell a recipe eBook, piping tutorial and much more!
recipe ebook training

Enroll now and get these bonuses!

  • 1 year FREE membership to Raw Food Chef Alliance

  • Private facebook group access with your peers

  • Course completion certification

  • Food Photography Lessons

  • Piping Tutorial

  • Recipe eBook training

  • Lifetime access

  • Monthly live Q & A

By not enrolling in the Raw Desserts Chef Certification course, you risk...

  • Purchasing expensive ingredients and not getting the results you want.

  • Spending lots of time researching kitchen appliances confused on which brands to purchase.

  • Creating beautiful desserts with no knowledge or information on storing them.

  • Being unable to source specific ingredients for a recipe and having no idea what you can substitute with.

  • Spending time creating and decorating desserts and not having them turn out like the recipe.

What options are available to you?

  • OPTION 1

    Spend time and money on ingredients and recipes and not having them turn out how you want.

  • OPTION 2

    Purchase other online plant-based dessert courses which only include recipes and instructional videos without a certification option, equipment and shopping lists, or instructor support.

  • OPTION 3

    ENROLL NOW in this Raw Desserts Certification Course which provides everything you need to start making beautiful, professional, plant-based desserts today. Quality video tutorials, shopping lists, equipment, ingredient lists, vendor lists, and nutritional information. We also include assignments and quizzes to ensure success in developing your own recipes. A digital certificate is offered upon completion which you can print, download, and share!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take to complete the course?

    Course length is approximately 80 hours; if you spend an average of 10 hours a week you can finish in as little as 2 months.

  • I’ve never made raw desserts before; can I still take this course?

    Absolutely! This course guides you through beginner modules to learn the fundamentals first.

  • How many videos are included in the course?

    There are over 85 instructional high-quality video lessons including assignments, quizzes, and a final project.

  • What kitchen equipment and tools do I need?

    We provide a full appliance and tool list along with where to purchase them to make setting up your raw dessert kitchen easy. Main appliances required are a high-speed blender, dehydrator and food processor. Dehydrators can also be optional.

  • I don’t know where to buy raw dessert ingredients; will you help?

    No problem! We make it easy for you with a list of vendors by region; currently, we provide a list for Canada, USA, and UK with potential to expand.

  • What if I can’t source some ingredients listed in the recipes?

    We know it can be difficult to source certain ingredients in different regions so we provide a full substitution list.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    We provide lifetime access to the course so you can go at your own pace.

  • How many recipes are included?

    25 full dessert recipes including 9 bonus garnish and prep recipes. Some recipes have 3 - 5 components, so there is a total of over 70 recipe components.

  • Is it easy to follow along?

    Yes; we have created a well-organized module system that breaks down each recipe so it’s easy to follow and successfully complete.

What Others are Saying About Crystal Dawn Culinary

"Crystal's Classes are Amazing"

Isabel Jabs, Co-Owner, Yoga Spirit Circle

"I learned a lot of creative recipes, became more professional and creative myself with cooking. Her clear voice and instructions made even complex recipes easy to learn. As Crystal is really passionate about plant-based food, I felt very motivated by her positive energy. She has lots of knowledge about nutrition and health benefits, which she shares during her classes."
Lavender blueberry tart

“The Power of Raw Food”

Derek Henry, Founder, Healing the Body

As a holistic health coach and healer, I’ve always recognized the power of raw food. I had the pleasure of learning from Crystal many different techniques one can use to create nutritionally dense, beautiful, and delicious foods! Over 3 days, I was fortunate enough to experience her exceptional creations. She also made it easy to understand how to balance flavours and ingredients, so I could create my own raw food at home. If you like to learn about your food and how it benefits your health, Crystal is very knowledgeable and passionate about teaching you how the synergistic mix of ingredients can fuel your body and mind, so you not only enjoy the taste, but understand the lifelong benefits. If raw food is in your future, Crystal should be too. You won’t be disappointed.
Derek Henry Testimonial

“Raw Food has Always Been a Passion of Mine!”

Christina Glows, Plant-Based Health Coach

Feeding my friends and family nourishing, wholesome foods is a passion of mine. When looking online, I discovered Crystal; she was amazing in letting me design my course. I did eight full days of raw dessert and nut cheese certification with her and learned decorating techniques and even some food photography!! Crystal explained why she used certain ingredients over others in recipes and offered her recommendations for top-quality ingredients. Not only is Crystal a great teacher, but she is an open book too! I enjoyed getting to know her and her family. If you’re interested in learning more about guilt-free desserts, Crystal is a must!
Christina Seimak Testimonial

“Crystal is Very Knowledgeable!”

Kenia Prueb, Nutrition Science Student

I met Crystal in Summer 2019 when she was working as a chef at a vegan yoga retreat in Andalusia, Spain. Crystal is super patient and expresses a lot of joy when explaining things. It’s easy to see teaching plant-based food is her passion. Crystal has and shares a lot of knowledge about vegan, raw and healthy cuisine and is good to see she has herself tried a lot of different things. We had a lot of fun and I hope to see her again one day.
Kenia Testimonial